Over Christmas break, my friend Jessica and I were talking about healthy eating, so she gave me Dr. Gillian McKeith’s book, You Are What You Eat. I’m about three chapters in, and so far it’s really exciting, scary, disappointing and interesting…all at the same time.

Dr. McKeith talks about what foods are good for you to eat “in abundance” and which foods will most certainly lead to your imminent death (okay, maybe I was being a little dramatic). I have discovered that a lot of the foods that I eat regularly are on the “imminent death” list which is really depressing since I LOVE those foods.

Dr. McKeith swears though that if you follow her food diet (for the most part) that “you will feel stronger, sexier, more energized and happier” (pg. 82) in addition to losing weight and lowering your risk of many diseases and everyday ailments.

I am trying not to get too hyped up about her diet because I don’t want to join a cult diet group, but from what I have read so far her methods looks promising. Also, she is looking at our moods and bodies from a purely secular viewpoint (not a Christian). It is important to remember that while she promises happiness and health, the Great Healer (God) is the one we need to turn to in times of disease and trials (depression, anxiety, etc.) There is no substitute for God. It makes perfect sense though that God provides nutrition in our foods that help keep us healthy. After all, in Genesis, He told Adam and Eve to eat of all the fruit in the Garden of Eden (except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil). God intended for the first couple and their posterity to live off the fruits of the land which He had created and were good. After sin entered the world, things changed in the Garden.

I am excited to try Dr. McKeith’s diet. I do believe that there are many diets, nutritional plans and other methods that will help you lose weight and feel better, so I plan on combining some strategies I have learned elsewhere with Dr. McKeith’s diet and see what happens.

My plan is to start blogging about my experiences and ideas based on this new diet kick in addition to my normal blog posts.

Here we go!
This morning I am drinking a smoothie drink that I made by combining frozen berries, chamomile tea and Valerian root in the blender. Dr. McKeith says that fresh is the way to go, but I already had the frozen fruit 😉 Also, chamomile tea and most berries are on “The Abundant Food List” (pgs. 82-84) so I feel alright about my choice.


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