The Next Act in the Play of Life

Well gang, I have some exciting news. I finally was able to quit my day job!!!

I have a completely new respect for people who work in retail. I am so impressed by the people who can do it and do it well! The bottom line is, working in retail was NOT for me. But by the grace of God I made it a year (minus two weeks, but who’s really counting?).

I learned a lot about people and a lot about myself during this year. For those of you who believe that people are basically “good” go work in retail for six months. I bet you’ll change your mind (Romans 3:23).  So many customers were rude, ridiculous and just, just…jerks. I even proved over and over to myself what a sinner and failure I am. I’m not as good at serving others and I should be, and my attitude smelled like a pile of rotting meat.

But that’s okay. You know why? Because as much as Christians should love and have a heart to serve others to shine God’s light, my eternal salvation does not rely on how good I am (Matthew 5:16). I don’t HAVE to be good enough (Ephesians 2:8-9). Jesus paid the penalty for my sin and He saved me from the wrath of God. All praise be to HIM for the amazing gift of forgiveness…over and over and over!!!

It turns out that all the work I did in college actually is going to be worth it after all. Going forward I will be a TEACHER AND ARTIST!! I will be teaching art and Spanish classes at a few home school co-ops Monday-Thursday and then Friday will be devoted to painting! Wow! What an exciting time!

I am so blessed to have family that supports me, a husband who is my biggest fan and a God whose timing and provision are perfect (Jeremiah 29:11)!


As always, happy art-ing!



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