Starting a New Chapter, Part 1

Since the last time I’ve posted I graduated from college and became a Mrs! Yep, I got married on January 12th to my boyfriend of four years and two months. Well, he was my fiance for ten of those months, but you catch my drift.
Let me tell you, it’s been an amazing three months of marriage!
Here’s one of my favorite photos from the wedding:

And another from the reception:

It’s wonderful to come home to your best friend every day. I guess I got to marry the prince after all…

One of Tim’s (my man’s) many amazing qualities is how encouraging he is when it comes to my artwork and pursuit of creative achievement.  He is definitely my biggest fan…well he and my mom are tied for first.
He has allowed me to transform our apartment balcony into my tiny “studio,” which gives me room to spread out and not worry about getting paint all over the walls and carpet. (Let’s be honest, I get almost as much paint on myself and my surroundings as I do on the canvases sometimes.)
I know that someday he will buy me a house that has an extra bedroom that gets beautiful afternoon sun, has excellent ventilation, is big enough to hold all my art supplies and has a great view out of the large windows. Hey, a girl can dream right?

Until then, I’m happy just to be married to the love of my life giant studio or not.

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