Well, I have started making myself fruit smoothies every morning, because according to Dr. McKeith, fruit should be eaten 30 minutes before any other food group (carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables). She suggests that breakfast is the perfect time to eat fruit because your stomach is empty. This is one part of her section on “Food Combining.” Dr. McKeith says that if you eat the wrong food groups together then you are “mak[ing] complete digestion impossible…prevent[ing] nutrient uptake and risk a host of ills” (pg. 78). This is because certain foods digest at different speeds and required different enzymes to break them down.

Thus, my fruit smoothie for breakfast. Not to mention, fruit smoothies are delicious! I purchased a new blender at the beginning of the semester just so I could start making those healthy treats. Smoothies are great for students and other people who rush out the door in the mornings. A lot of people do not eat breakfast believing they either lack the time or that not eating will help them lose weight. These beliefs are both wrong! 1) Smoothies are quick (especially if you decide the night before what kind of smoothie you want and prepare all the ingredients then) because you add your ingredients, hit a button and pour it into your glass. 2) Eating breakfast actually jump starts your metabolism and gets it going for the rest of the day.

I even have a trendy, cold-beverage Starbucks glass that has a twist-on lid and straw (Shout out to Mrs. VT for the glass!) that is perfect for taking my smoothies with me on-the-go. It has become my ideal morning to pour a smoothie into my glass and take it to class with me.

I have tried a couple different fruit combinations so far, but my favorite is what I’m calling “Banaberry.” It’s totally delicious! Trust me.

In your blender combine:
1-2 Bananas
1/2 carton (about 3 oz.) raspberries
A handful (or two) of baby spinach
Orange juice (the more you add, the more liquidy {I just made that a word} your smoothie will be)

Blend/liquify/puree (depending on your blender buttons) to your heart’s contentment! I think I may have added 1/2 an apple as well. Consider it an optional ingredient. Enjoy!
Bonus: the Spinach is well masked by the sweetness of the bananas and raspberries so this is a good way to get your spinach-haters to eat that nutritious leafy green.


*I feel it is necessary to say that I am in no way legally connected with Dr. McKeith or her book. I am merely a reader of You Are What You Eat who has decided to blog about personal experiences relating to the book.

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