Shame on Me!

Well I must admit I have been seriously lack in posting on my blog. How shameful! If you find yourself having withdraws from my art and musings on the occasion that I go ten weeks without posting, be sure to follow my on Facebook at Ellen Van Treuren Artworks. I am way more dedicated to Facebook and post things at least every week.

In the several weeks between now and my last post so much has happened! I have discovered that I truly love plein air painting, and have been two more times. This entry is dedicated to my new found love. Enjoy some photos from one of my recent experiences!!

This is at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.


This was in the middle of March.


Here’s my set up!


And here’s the finished product!

I hope you enjoy these photos! In the near future I hope to do some prints of my work, so stay tuned!

Colorful hugs,

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