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Ellen Van Treuren - Artist Statement - painting - God's glory - artist -


I entered a juried art show today that needed an artist statement along with the image files. That meant that I had to “finish” my artist statement. About a week ago I started putting together the thoughts I blogged at the beginning of May (You can read that post here). This is what I came up with and submitted today.


I believe that all of creation is an echo of God’s supreme glory and majesty. My desire is for my work to portray that beauty. Therefore, I paint a lot of natural scenes; both  landscapes and still lifes.

I work both from my studio and en plein air. The two methods give me diversity in technique and yet continuity in subject matter.

My paintings are done in a loose manner for a romantic feel. I choose to forego extensive detail in favor of strong, textural brushwork and blotches of colors to keep me from feeling constricted in movement and mind as I work.

I have found that using a palette of bright, saturated colors helps me achieve the goal of evoking joy and peace in my audience.

What do you think? Would you say that accurately describes my work? Does it help you to understand my work and my motivation behind why and how I create it?


Special thanks to Husband for being my sounding board and helping me proofread and edit!


Have a super arty Memorial Day Weekend!



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