Rough Draft 1.0
Ellen Van Treuren - Fort Worth Botanic Garden - Plein Air - oil painting - original art - poppies - purple iris - orchids

A few of my newest works.

The next year or so promises to be very art-filled for me. I plan on applying for some art festivals for the spring and summer of 2015 and I hope to keep being able to put my work into some shows.

One thing that has been on my build-my-art-career agenda is to update my artist statement. I wrote one for my senior art exhibition my senior year of college, but that work was portraiture. In this season of my art career I have chosen to explore still life and landscape themes, thus a new statement is in order.

I think my blog is a good place work on some ideas and write some random sentences and feelings I have about my work as kind of a rough draft.

Here I go!

  • My work is very colorful.
  • I like colorful artwork because it draws me in and positively enhances my mood.
  • I also like my work to be textured.
  • I don’t really know why except that I like it.
  • I guess it’s because it draws me in and makes me want to look at the different qualities of the art work.
  • I want my artwork to make people happy.
  • I don’t really want it to be political, just emotional.
  • People say that all art has to communicate something.
  • I hope that my art communicates the gloriousness of our Creator.
  • I hope that my work makes people happy to look at it.
  • I hope that God gets the glory He deserves in my work.
  • I like to paint in the studio to get more detailed work and when I want to spend some time on a painting.
  • I like to paint on location (plein air) when I want to set a time limit for myself and force myself to work quickly to capture a moment.
  • I also like to paint outside so that people can see me working.
  • I love to exaggerate and heighten the colors in my paintings to make them more vibrant.
  • One of my favorite colors is pink, but I also love how purple and green work together.
  • Sky blue is one of my favorite colors to mix.

This is just a start, but it’s good to get some things down on e-paper.

Let me know what you think! What things do you notice about my work or what draws you to it? Do you think I am accomplishing my goals?

Have a wonderful sun-filled weekend!


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