Recycle and Reuse

We went garage saling this morning with Tim’s parents in Colorado. We ended up at a elementary school that had an entire gym filled with people…and stuff.

I like buying frames at garage sales because usually with a little TLC they can be reused to frame artwork. Also, it’s tons cheaper than buying a frame from a store or getting a custom frame made.
I had some great luck today because I got several frames, some for photos and some for artwork. I got two for $9 that even had canvases in them that I can paint over and reuse. Pretty sweet!

The only problem is that it’s hard for me to see art in garage sales, thrift stores and other discount places. Someone put themselves into creating something, something they felt good enough about to sell or give as a gift and then years later it becomes “junk.” People don’t want it anymore. It’s not valued. That makes me sad.

I thought it was fitting to post the paintings I bought today so that even though I’m going to use the canvases for myself, the artist’s work can still be documented and remembered somewhere by someone.

Here’s to you H ’87 and Walters, wherever you are.

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