Plein Air Friday

Last Friday I had the day off. It was glorious! I love having the weekends off, but sometimes it’s nice to have a weekday where I have the apartment to myself to get things done and lounge around.

On top of household chores, last Friday I painted for the first time in several weeks. Husband and I had driven over the Trinity River on our way home one day and I noticed what a pretty painting that particular spot would make. As some of you may know, in Fort Worth there is a trail that runs alongside the river for bikers and joggers. In my head it made sense that there would be a place to park right next to the trail, but when I drove back to the spot we had passed, I had no luck finding a place to park much less a spot to get close to where I originally wanted to set up shop.

I drove and drove and drove but couldn’t find a way to get next to the river and trail. I finally consulted the map on my phone (something I probably should have done before I set out on my excursion) to find a different spot. I headed toward the green patch on my phone and ended up down the street from the Fort Worth Zoo and the Botanic Gardens (I have big plans for painting there!).

The weather was so beautiful! Crisp, cool and sunny. I spent almost two hours painting and then packed up to head home.

Here are some photos I snapped while I was “on location”:

What a fun afternoon! I’m titling the painting “January Afternoon.” It’s a 10×10″ canvas. Can’t you feel the cool air and see the bright sun on the bear trees? Ahhhhhh. Makes me smile to think about it!

It’s not the best quality photo ever, but I’ll get a better one and post it.

Wishing you many beautiful days!


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