Howdy all!
It’s the new year: 2012!
Some many wonderful things are going to happen this year. Trust me, I know. One of which is I am going to graduate college with my Bachelor of Fine Art degree! I might even be able to apply for graduate schools–the ones that have spring admission, that is.

I was really sad to find out that one of my professors passed away right before the new year. Phil Dunham was an amazing professor and a beautiful man. He always had something to say and was always encouraging. The way he looked at life was inspiring. He was a life-ling learner, which was so enjoyable to see. He always seemed to pursue new knowledge in order to express it through art. His big smile, typing in all capital letters, and laughter will be really missed at UMHB. We love you, Phil! UMHB won’t be the same without you.

In other news, I find out when my senior exhibition opens on Tuesday! I am totally excited, but nervous because I have a lot to do before then…like at least 2.5 more paintings (I only did 2 last semester. oops). I’ll try to post pictures soon. Check out my art website too to see my work: Ellen Buhrow Artworks


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