Life Since the Move

Two weeks ago Tim and I moved. We are now enjoying a more pleasant area and 200 more square feet.
While he started graduate school, I started a new job at Hobby Lobby.

Moving means lots of new changes and it also means the opportunity for new decorations!
We had plenty of those old ugly, laminate book cases so to spruce it up I added some color.

Nice, huh? This was loosely based on a Pinterest project that I saw.
This next decorating project was directly based on something I saw on Pinterest.

This I had seen on Pinterest. It’s a photo of me and Tim during out first dance with the lyrics of the song to which we danced.
This one I thought of all by myself! Here he are exchanging vows and rings. The words are the actual vows that we wrote for each other. It was very sweet and sentimental to look at them again. I am very glad that they will now be up in our apartment where we can see them. I think it will be a good reminder to make sure that we are actually honoring those promises through the years to come.


P.S. Being married is the!

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