Happy marriage to Trevor and Karyn!

I finished an engagement portrait a couple of weeks ago of Trevor and Karyn. This one had a lot of personal significance since Trevor was one of my best friends from college. Not only was he my friend, but he also played a huge part in helping me with my senior exhibition which was portraits of engaged and married couples. He and our other bestie (also my roommate) Joanna spent almost as much time in the basement of Presser Hall (the former UMHB fine art building) as I did keeping me company while I painted. They were some of my most honest critics, making sure that every pupil and every nose looked as accurate as possible. The late nights painting, HIMYM/BBT marathons, trips to the library, dinners and study sessions in Killeen with Trevor and Joanna are definitely some of my best memories of college. With all that history, it was quite fitting that I paint his engagement portrait.

Here are some of the progress shots:

engagement portrait - ellen van treuren

engagment portrait -ellen van treuren

engagement portrait - ellen van treuren

2014-09-05 20.51.48

2014-09-10 22.27.38

2014-09-11 22.52.37

  Here’s the finished product!

engagement portrait - Ellen Van Treuren Artworks

I love scrolling through project shots and seeing all the different phases lead up to the final painting.

Trevor and Karyn asked me if they could display it at their wedding reception. I am so honored! Here’s a picture from their reception:

engagement portrait - Ellen Van Treuren Artworks - wedding reception

Wishing you guys all the joys of marriage and praying you shine God’s light in your life!


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