Art in the Square Recap

Well, my second art festival is in the books! While it wasn’t as big a financial success as I had hoped, Husband and I feel like it was a positive experience.

Here are some photos from Arts in the Square Frisco 2015. Enjoy!

The weekend started dark and early for us. We got to Frisco about 6:30 on Saturday morning to set up. God gifted us an incredible sunrise! Husband worked hard unloading the car while I took pictures of the sky.


Arts in the Square Frisco


Husband worked SO, SO hard on these panels! He and my dad built them!

Corner Brace


Here I am with the original version of the booth: IMG_7964

It was sooooooooo cold early in the morning, but finally the sun warmed us up enough that I could shed my high school soccer hoodie.

After some expert advice from our booth neighbors (professional festival artists) we moved the table to the wall of the booth instead of having it poke out into the entrance. I am so grateful for all their tips from the weekend! Here’s the second version of the set up:

Arts in the Square Frisco


Sunday we decided to add some dimension to the booth and we brought in the back right corner. We think it looked pretty great after that final revision!

Arts in the Square Frisco

Arts in the Square Frisco

Arts in the Square Frisco

Arts in the Square Frisco

This guy right here is totally my hero! He not only built my panels, he was my manual labor force, my logistics crew and my emotional support. Let me tell ya, he has got some serious patience. I was freakin out at the beginning of the show, but he still loves me so it’s okay.

Arts in the Square Frisco


I got my first art trade offer on Sunday when our other next door neighbor Hue offered some of his pottery for one of my 10×10″s. It was super exciting!

Arts in the Square Frisco - Parnell Studios


Our haul was a bread baking bowl, two apple bakers and two mugs. Aren’t they beautiful? You can see more of Hue’s ceramic work and his wife Marla’s pastel work by visiting Parnell

We ended the weekend with another incredible display of God’s artistry. The sunset Sunday night was just amazing.

Arts in the Square Frisco


I am grateful for our wonderful neighbors who encouraged me. I’m grateful for all our friends who came out and supported me. I’m grateful for another learning experience. I’m grateful for selling an original painting. I’m grateful for the wonderful weather. I’m grateful for the promise of more artsy fun times to come.

Can’t wait for next time!

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